The glass tradition in Provence dates back thousands of years but in Biot everything began in 1956, wnen La Verrerie de Biot created the bubble glass, mastering the bubble and imprisoning it between two layers of glass to transform a defect (a bubble) into a feature of quality, and a signature

For each glass, a breath. For each creation, a presence and an attention. A tradition that will always be avant-garde. These are glasses that the glassblower´s breath shaped, as he drew inspiration from the molten substance, applying his skills and attention to create objects that radiate beauty, harmony and pleasure. Glasses, jugs, chandeliers, vases: unique objects expressing precision and skill that cannot be repeated or reproduced

The glasses, jugs and pitchers made in Biot embellish any table. The products come in different colors depending on the seasons and the master glassblowers’ mood.


If the glasses you order need to match glasses you already have, PLEASE give us as much information as you can about your current glasses (where you bought them, when, signature at the bottom, size, etc....)Since these glasses are hand-made we CANNOT ACCEPT RETURN just because "they are different", especially if it is a special order. Call our toll free number 1-877-312-1315. Thanks

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