Esther P: Eau de Toilette

Esther P: Eau de Toilette

Each of the perfumes, from refreshing waters (Eau Fraiche) to deep oriental fragrances, reflects different faces of the modern woman.

We loved the apparent simplicity of this line. And we soon realized that it was indeed based on a legendary know-how and complex sophistication, just as an Olympic skater makes you think everything is easy.

We like to believe that a woman choosing a perfume by Esther P will feel "well in her perfume" as she may be comfortable in her clothes.

These fragrances are made in Grasse (France)

Some fragrances come in Eau de Toilette AND Parfum. (Parfum is more concentrated than Eau de toilette. )

Two fragrances are offered only in Eau de Toilette, because they are "fresh waters"