Customer Service

Your satisfaction is very important for us, and we want your shopping experience with us to be as pleasant and easy as possible.

Delivery delays& Order Status

Usually, our delays are very short, because most of our goods are available.

When an order is partially available, we ship what is available and charge your credit card for that amount + total shipping.

The rest of your order will be shipped for free

Please include [email protected] in your address book, and authorize this email address.

You can also find your order status on our web site, by clicking on “Order Status” on top of our home page.

We are not responsible if your order cannot be delivered because of a wrong or incomplete address, or if you are not present.


We usually ship by USPS Priority Mail, unless you choose another method when you place your order. In US, expect a 3 to 5 day delivery time AFTER SHIPPING. For other countries, delay may vary from 5 to 12 working days or more. We have no responsibility for the delay displayed on our web site at the moment you place your order. This delay is displayed through the USPS or UPS system

Our products are shipped in appropriate packages, and we use the most appropriate mean of transportation according to the emergency of the order, and according your choice.

At the moment of shipping, you will receive an email stating the shipping mode, and the tracking number.

Unless you specifically request it, we do not request a signature at reception of your order. If you wish to sign when receiving your order , please use the message window to request a shipment with signature.

Delivery Problem

Of course, you will have to make the appropriate verifications when receiving the goods.In case of damage , keep everything (including the box) and contact us IMMEDIATELY.

You have a 2 working day delay after reception, to do so.

(1-877-312-1315 or 1-508-709-0011 or [email protected])

We will tell you what to do.

Return Policy

You have to understand that we offer products essentially made by artisans, and that means they are not mass products. Most of our items are unique. They may be slightly different in size, or color, or shape from what is displayed on our web site. But the differences are never very important.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us to know how to return it for exchange or exchange credit. You have 10 days after reception to do that. Please, contact us BEFORE ANY RETURN. We will only accept the returns we agreed. We do not refund, but will give you an exchange credit, or simply exchange your product for a similar one.

Please be aware that if you return an item because you changed your mind, (no default on the item, and no error from us) a 15% restocking fee may apply.

Any return is made under your responsibility, and must be insured.

Any returned product must be packed in its original packaging.


For health and sanitary reasons, we do not accept returns on fragrances, and personal care products. Customers may return a product if item is defective/damaged but fragrances, and all cosmetics, must stay sealed. You have to understand that we cannot accept a return for a perfume that has been opened and used. We will not derogate to that rule for security reasons.

Except if we made a mistake, any refund is made for the value of the product itself, and a 15% restocking fee may be applied if the return is not a consequence of a mistake from us, and just a change in your mind, or if you did not read the product description carefully enough.

We do not accept a return for a special order.All sales of discounted or on sale items are final and not eligible for a refund.

Questions about our products

We are not responsible if you do not use properly our products. We usually deliver the products with all the necessary information, but we recommend you to contact us if you have any doubt about them.


We regularly send newsletters with special and personalized offers. When you place an order, you automatically subscribe to these newsletters. You can unsubscribe whenever you wish.
You can subscribe to receive our newsletters by providing your email address, even if you do not place an order

Taxes, currencies, and import restrictions for certain countries.

Our products are usually shipped from the US. All import taxes, if there are, have to be paid by the addressee. We will not accept any return for taxes reason.

All our sales are payable in US$, even if you placed the order in your own currency. The amount charged is ALWAYS BASED ON THE US$ AMOUNT

If a customer orders a product forbidden for import in his country, we try not to ship it. But we cannot be held responsible for shipping goods in a country where they are illegal on import. Each customer has the charge not to order goods forbidden in its own country. We cannot know the regulations of ALL of our customer's countries. Therefore we cannot be held responsible for the refusal of the goods by the customs, or any legal authority.

Orders from foreign countries (Outside USA)

We ship to several countries and we choose the most convenient shipping method to ship to a foreign country. However, for several reasons, we do not ship anywhere in the world. We usually ship to the following foreign countries: Australia, Canada, Caribbean islands, Europe, Japan, New Zealand. However even for these destinations, we cannot ship all our products. Please contact us if you have any question ( [email protected])

Customers information :
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Toll free number: 1-877-312-1315 (USA & Canada) or: 1-508-709-0011

E-Mail: [email protected]