Biot Soda Tumbler

As low as $45.00

Conical-shaped tumbler
Height about 3.5 / 4.0 inches or 9/10 cm
Base is about 2.5 inches or 6 cm
Top is about 3.5 or 9 cm
The difference with a whisky tumbler is the conical shape

If the glasses you order need to match glasses you already have, PLEASE give us as much information as you can about your current glasses (where you bought them, when, signature at the bottom, size, etc....)Since these glasses are hand-made we CANNOT ACCEPT RETURN just because "they are different", especially if it is a special order. Call our toll free number 1-877-312-1315. Thanks

These glasses are hand- made (or more precisely mouth-blown) and colored with natural pigments. This means that each piece is UNIQUE and sizes and other information about these glasses are always approximate. If you bought glasses in the past, you must be aware that it is very difficult to find again the exactly same piece. The slight differences make all the charm and the value of these glasses