Orgue a parfum



Eau de Toilette ? Parfum ?
Which one to choose? We help you


Perfumes, eau de Toilette, eau de Parfum, Cologne? It seems a little bit complicated? We will try to explain their difference.

Cologne is the word used in the USA for Men's fragrances.. In France, Men's fragrance are Eau de Toilette. Cologne being a scent in itself.

When a new fragrance is created, it very often comes in different concentrations: The lighter is Eau de Toilette, and Perfume the most concentrated. They are the same scent, mixture of many different components, sometimes as many as 100.

The eau de Toilette is often a spray, used on a daily basis, you can wear it at work, or after sport, a splash after shower. Concentration is around 8%

The Parfum (perfume) may be a spray. You rediscover the very feminine way to use it by putting some drops on your neck, behind your ears, at the dimple of your elbow. Concentration is around 15%

Eau de Parfum, as Soleil and Grain de Soleil is more concentrated than Eau de Toilette, and less than Parfum. Concentration is around 12%

We hope to have helped you navigate into these sophisticated spaces!!!

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