Truffle Oil 8 oz

Truffle Oil 8 oz

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Since 1878, Jean Leblanc oils have been cold pressed in France with a stone mill according to the old Burgundian tradition.
Leblanc nut oils are of the highest quality and made to order. Because Huilerie Leblanc has no large storage facilities or refining capabilities, production takes place when orders come in, assuring the very freshest nut oil in the world. And it's a difference you can taste-not only in freshness, but also in flavor.

A fantastic gift for a foodie, or a great treat for yourself, this truffle oil is divine.
This truffle oil is also a "finishing oil" and is rarely used for cooking. You can drizzle it over pasta and risotto dishes, add it to mashed or roasted potatoes, prepare a vinaigrette, or toss it with macaroni and cheese. Whichever way you choose to use it, the dish will not disappoint.

Truffle flavored oil

8 oz bottle

Made in France- Burgundy

Truffle oil

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