Olives in oil with herbs

Olives in oil with herbs



The mill of La Brague, in the South of France, is a fifth generation family owned mill producing the best extra virgin olive oil and olive related products. The Michel family applies its expertise with the utmost rigor: the best varieties of olives and fresh herbs are faultlessly selected and then the alchemy takes place to obtain extra virgin olive oil with recognized taste and an Herb de Provence mix that stands out above the rest.

Simple yet refined - these black olives are handpicked when they are perfectly ripened and preserved in olive oil with herbs.
A specialty from Nice, France, these olives are full of flavor.
Add them to a vegetable or pasta salad or chop them up and make your own tapenade!
Add these Nicoise Olives to a salad, chop them and top off a dish with them, or mash them into your very own tapenade.
Open the pouch, and place the olives in a cup or a jar

Nicoise Olives in Oil with Herbs in a pouch

Made in France

Olives in oil

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