Olive wood mortar

Olive wood mortar



Located in the mountains of Provence, our craftsman has specialized in creating hand-crafted olive wood boards, bowls and kitchen utensils since 1892.
The craftsmanship of each item is highlighted by the patterns and grain of the olive wood.
The production of each piece is unique as 100% of the wood is used; nothing is discarded.
The wood is harvested from older olive trees that are no longer fruit-bearing, thus creating functional art from trees that otherwise would have been destroyed.

It won't take very long for this Mortar & Pestle to become a staple in your kitchen. Whether you love to mash your own homemade salsa, crush fresh herbs, or to make your own spreads, it will do the job. ,br> The Mortar and Pestle are both carved from Olive Wood and are hand-made. Because of this no two pieces are alike. The Olive Wood gives both pieces a naturally beautiful design and will match any kitchen style.
Simply hand wash it with hot water and soap
Handcrafted out of single piece of olive wood.
Beautiful and intriguing grain that makes each piece unique.
Olive wood is very dense, it resists odors and stains better than other types of wood.

Olive wood mortar and pestle.

Size: 4.8" diameter

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olive wood mortar

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