Les Olivades Aurun 69 X 69 in. Red

Les Olivades Aurun 69 X 69 in. Red



About Provencal Houselinen and fabric
Until the years 1600, cotton fabric was unknown in France.
The first printed cotton fabric came from India through Marseilles harbor. It immediately was a huge success, everybody wanted it.
It was new, colorful, easy to use as clothing as well as home decoration , For centuries, it stayed at the top of fashion.

About Les Olivades
We have chosen to import from Les Olivades incorporated in 1818.
Since then, the company has always produced high end products, still made and printed according to the traditional techniques.
The rough fabric is first washed and dried so it will not shrink when used.
The print is made with as many stencils as there are colors on a tablecloth.
Then the printed fabric is steamed, then washed , dried and finally thinly coated to prevent stains.
The aspect and touch of the cotton is soft, and you can wash it as any usual cotton.
Maintenance: If there is a spill, pat it with a dry cloth to remove as much as possible.

About Aurun Tablecloth
Printed cotton with a typical and bright provencal pattern.
Linen and Cotton Tablecloth. - NOT LAMINATED. Treated with anti-stain material
Color: Red
Patern: Aurun Vintage
Size: 69 x 69 inches / 175 cm x 175 cm

Anti-stain cotton tablecloth Salin

Square 175 x 175 cm / 69 x 69 inches

Additional Information

Material Cotton
Color Red
Size No

 Aurun Red by Les Olivades and Biot glasses

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