About Us

Josette and Martial André created provence-shop.com in 1997, through Alma International LLC. The web site was created to provide around the world, the products made in Provence

Every year many people from all countries visit and appreciate Provence. And they especially appreciate the quality of products made in that area of France. Back home, they try to find these products again, and it is for that reason that we created our web site.

Our main goal is to provide our customers genuine products, made by real artisans. We select the best products , and are especially focused on the quality. Josette, as a native from Provence, has personally known all of them for many years, and we can say that we have a personal relationship with our suppliers.

In 1997, we started in France, and every single order was shipped from France. But after some months, we realized that it would be easier to have a stock in the United States, where most of our clients were living. So, we moved there too, and settled in Massachusetts.

Thanks to our faithful patrons, provence-shop.comis expanding every year, and we are always very happy to receive orders from several-time-returning customers. Despite that expansion, we are proud to remain a small family-owned company, that we are managing with the appreciated help of Barbara, our personal assistant, and some others.

Our address is 127 Eastern Avenue # 266 Gloucester, MA, 01930. We ship from there, or, sometimes directly from France. Our phone number(toll free for US and Canada) is 1-877-312-1315 or 1-508-709-0011. And we personally answer the phone.

That is the reason why, sometimes, we do not answer. If that happens, it means that we may be out of office or busy with another client. Please leave your message on the answering machine, with your name and phone number. We will call you back. Our main email address is: [email protected]