Parfum & Eau de Toilette
A pure line of products that combine natural formulas, and high quality ingredients. Pure and natural ingredients are enhanced by a fresh and sophisticated fragrance.


  VRAI Huile d'Argan Hair & Body Oil
4.2 fl.oz bottle with pump

 This rare treatment oil, made of 100% pure and natural almond extract (arganier) offers deep moisturizing for the skin and exceptional shine and manageability for the hair

Fragonard VRAI - Hair and Body Oil - Huile d'Argan
    $ 61.00


 VRAI Body Cream
6.6 fl.oz jar
   A real, pure and simple cream, light and moisturizing, combining a nourishing and revitalizing shea butter, peach extract rich in fats and proteins, softening oatmeal and protecting cotton seed oil. Its airy texture, the softness of its natural ingredients, and the freshness of its fragrance makes it an every day pleasure and is perfect for all skin types

Fragonard VRAI - Body cream
    $ 55.00

  VRAI Eau de Toilette
3.3 fl.oz Spray bottle

 A wonderfully fresh mix of bergamot, verbena, and sparkling notes of lemon on a delicate heart of basil and cardamom highlighted with jasmine, thyme on a background of moss.

That size is only shipped to USA & Canada
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US$ 45.90 instead of 51.00

Fragonard VRAI - Eau de Toilette 100 ml
    $ 52.00


VRAI Anti-wrinkle Face Cream
1.7 fl.oz jar

 Wonderfully light and smooth, the face cream has a dual effect of anti-wrinkle agent and adds brightness to your skin tone. Its formula contains vitamins A and E, green tea and sesam oil. A face cream that is both simple and sophisticated, an essential for the routine beauty treatment of the modern woman. Use morning and night for maximum results



  VRAI Hand Cream
4.2 fl.oz bottle with pump

 A real, pure and simple balm for the hands with an elegant scent. It combines oatmeal, cotton seed oil, vitamins A & B, shea butter and peach extract. Light, fluffy and oil free, the hand cream is rapidly absorbed and leaves a pleasant and discreet scent on the skin.

Fragonard VRAI - Soft Hand Cream
    $ 30.80


 Set of 2 VRAI SOAPS
150 g- 5.5 oz each
   A true gentle vegetal soap with sweet almond oil fragranced with bergamot, amber, basil, verbena, jasmine, thyme and iris.

Fragonard VRAI - Set of 2 Soaps VRAI
    $ 33.00


 VRAI Radiant Smoothing Cream
30 g. - 1.0 oz
   This essential beauty cream gives you a glowing complexion by softening fine dry lines and instantly replenishing tired skin. Vrai’s new formula Fleur de vigne and Myrrh helps to stimulate and Boost your cells. Not only does it leave your skin with a velvety touch but it illuminates and perfects skin tone all day long!
Apply every morning after Vrai’s anti-wrinkle Face Cream or Serum


Fragonard VRAI - Radiant Smoothing cream
    $ 46.00


  VRAI Radiant Serum
30 ml - 1.0 fl.oz

 A true serum which firms and re-structures the skin, leaving a radiant complexion. The active ingredients in this serum smooth fine lines and wrinkles and brigthten the skin tone


Fragonard VRAI - Radiant Serum
    $ 46.00


 VRAI Bath and Shower gel
8.4 fl.oz bottle with pump
   A real, pure and simple bath and shower gel for a dream skin, soft, smooth, silky and perfumed. Orange, bergamote, amber, basil, verbena, jasmine, thyme and iris make for a refreshing shower, or a moisturizing and energizing bath.

Fragonard VRAI - Bath & Shower gel
    $ 26.00


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